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The Holiday Race Team (HRT) was established with the purpose of promoting skiing and ski racing through an environment unique to the Grand Traverse region.   The goals of the Board and Coaching staff are to provide the latest technical knowledge using enthusiastic coaches who emphasize proper training in a positive manner. 

Individual development, coupled with teamwork and sportsmanship during training and racing, are not only goals for the young athlete but also for their respective parents and/or guardians.  It is our belief that sportsmanship and enjoyment of the sport is paramount to our program.  Behavior and/or actions to the contrary will not be tolerated. 

The goals of HRT include:
  1. Promoting individual racing development, teamwork and sportsmanship through training and racing. 
  2. Promoting parental and/or guardian sportsmanship that not only encourages their own racer's success, but the success of all racers that cross the start line 
  3. Fostering a community-based program that will nurture relationships between the HRT and other teams in our region, including ski clubs and high school teams.
  4. Continuing HRT's success as a learn-to-race, not a learn-to-ski program.  Our team and coaching staff is focused on providing a safe, quality program so that qualified young skiers can successfully learn to race. Children who are accepted on the HRT must be able to ski, turn, stop, and ride the chairlift independently (or be assisted by a parent or guardian).

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