Sunday Volunteers Needed!

Free SignUp sheets and volunteer scheduling 

HRT is a family oriented race team and we require each family to volunteer their time to work during races held at Mt. Holiday during the racing season.  Training is held for all positions and volunteers do not need to know how to ski.  Through your volunteer efforts the entire HRT family has an opportunity to participate and support our young racers and the Holiday Race Team.

There are over 20 people needed for each race to run smoothly and safely.  The volunteer positions include the following:

  • Gatekeeper (8):  this position stands along the race course and keeps track of racers that may miss a gate.  You do not need to know how to ski to do this job.  You only need a warm pair of winter boots.
  • Starter (2):  the position is at the top of the course and tells the racer when to start their run.  This person uses a nice warm pair of headphones to communicate with the finish shack at the bottom of the hill.
  • Assistant Starter (2):  these positions keeps the racers in line, in running order as they wait for their turn.
  • Announcer (1):  if you like to talk...this position is for you to inform the crowd of racers and families of their times and provide entertainment while announcing.
  • Timers (2):  A couple of people in the finish shack to run the computer and timing software.  There is one person for each race course talking to the starters at the top of the hill.
  • Leader Board (2):  two people are needed to write down the race results at the bottom of the courses during a race for all the curious racers to see how they did.
  • Course maintenance (2):  skiers that can slip the course to clear away excess snow for a safe race course.
  • Registration (2):  a person needed to sign in racers as they arrive and pass out the numbered race bibs.
  • Race room (2): a person to collect bibs at the end of race, put them in numerical order and stow them away in the race closet.  Also ensures that the race room is clean and locked at the end of the day.
  • Cape Handler (1):  ensures that the HRT capes are taken to the top of the hill for use by racers when in line for the start.  Also can transport capes to away races.  Most importantly ensures that capes are collected and stored away after the race.

The above list does not include personnel for setup & teardown of the finish area.

Free SignUp sheets and volunteer scheduling 

Invitational Volunteers

Volunteers are also needed for each invitational race that HRT attends.  There will be a sign up sheet posted in the race room for parents to choose a spot to work the race.  This only applies to families that are attending these optional invitational races.


Please note that HRT is always looking for help in other areas such as finish area setup or race shack setup.  If your schedule allows you to come the races early please come down to the finish shack to hang out and learn how these jobs work!

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Free SignUp sheets and volunteer scheduling